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Upholstery Cleaning: Keep it Feeling Fresh

Upholstery Cleaning: Keep it Feeling Fresh

upholstery cleaning From chair seats to sofas, commercial spaces to residences, upholstered furniture can be the centerpiece to any room. Whether it was passed down through the generations or was purchased last week, the timeless and elegant look of upholstered furniture is at once inviting and alluring. But there is a need to keep this allure alive over time, ensuring dust and dirt do not settle or that any unforeseen stain doesn’t remain. There are several things you need to know for successful upholstery cleaning and ensure it is not damaged or (further) stained. The first thing to understand is the market tags most upholstery has, letting you know exactly how it should be cleaned. W = Water-based cleaning only S = Solvent-based cleaning only, no water-based cleaning SW = Both solvent and water-based cleaning is an option X = Professional cleaning only If your upholstery does not have a tag, you should test a small, discreet area of the upholstery to ensure your method of stain removal and cleaning does not damage the material. If you are unsure and do not want to risk the possibility of damage, consult the professionals. Once you know the correct method to be used for your upholstery, there are basic steps you should take with every kind of upholstery cleaning.

1) Inspect the upholstery for any larger piece of debris on or within the furniture. Remember, loose change and other items fall from pockets, so make sure they don’t stick around long enough to mess up the whole process!

2) Make sure the area around your furniture is secure and safe from any of the cleaning agents you will introduce to your upholstery.

3) Vacuum the entire piece of furniture. Even if it looks clean to you, small pieces of debris can still linger. Everything must be removed for your cleaning agents to have full effect.

4) Spot clean all areas of your upholstery that have noticeable stains or discoloration.

5) Clean the entire upholstered furniture. There are several natural furniture cleaners on the market, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Even areas that seem clean need to be gone over with your cleaning agent–you’ll be surprised how the color slowly changes over time due to dirt and other debris, and you don’t want to have noticeable shifts in your upholstery’s colors.

6) Dry everything thoroughly. Use fans, radiators, heaters–anything to ensure your upholstery is fully dry, not just the outer surface. Especially with water-based products, mold can develop if the upholstery’s interior is not fully dried out.

Arthur Copeland Cleansers are specialists at interior cleaning, and we can achieve extraordinary results, even on damaged goods that other cleaners would declare to be beyond recovery.  Upholstered furniture and carpets can be cleaned onsite–usually in a single day. We go to your home or place of work and clean your fabric-based furniture. This keeps the dust out and removes everyday soil and stains from everyday life. We have recently cleaned leather and fabric sofas, ottomans, wool mohair that was damaged in a flood, and even a private aircraft interior. Find out how we can clean your upholstery by calling or coming into Arthur Copeland Cleansers today.