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Professionally Cleaning and Maintaining Your Table Linens

table linen cleaning service

Whether yours are heirlooms or were purchased at a major retailer, table linens represent a certain style of elegance and grace. While few households use theirs daily, it is the rare holiday or special occasion where the dining table is not set with the finest china service, and crystal drinking glasses, all positioned with care on the family’s tablecloth. Most table linens are made of woven fabric, generally linen, cotton, or a blend of these natural fibers. As with most festive meals, the wide range of fare available from fine wines, to rich gravies, to sumptuous desserts, the possibility for spillage that stains the table linens is almost a given. In this posting, we will make recommendations for Cameo by Copeland Cleaners professional table linen cleaning services and why they are so important to maintain the appearance and service life of your tablecloths and napkins.

Table linens have a voice that speaks volumes about the event that is about to take place. When your guests see that your table is set with the finest tableware and linens, it announces that they are about to be treated like royalty. Like gift wrap on a present, when a table is set with great table linens, their presence adds flair and an element of surprise and delight to any festivity. Table linens have been handed down in families for centuries, as they also represent an investment. Many couples receive their table linens as a wedding present. With careful treatment from the experts at Cameo by Copeland Cleaners, including our professional table linen cleaning services, your cherished table linens can last a lifetime and be passed to future generations as well.

Immediately after a dinner party or special occasion, contact Cameo by Copeland Cleaners to arrange pickup and delivery of your tablecloths and napkins. Do not put these in the clothes washer, they must be cleaned professionally to prevent wrinkling and shrinkage. Once received, our cleaning experts will examine your table linens to see signs of any stains, and if any are located, what type of stain is present as well as the type of tablecloth fabric will determine how the linens will be cleaned. As part of our table linen cleaning services, every inch of your tablecloth and napkins will be properly and thoroughly cleaned, then returned to you in immaculate condition ready to be stored until your next soirée.

If you do not live in the New York TriState area, that is not a problem. Contact our experts, and we will instruct you to carefully package and send your linens to our store. Again, upon arrival, these will be carefully examined and assessed. If we notice some stains that cannot be fully removed, or if an attempt to rout the stain will also remove dye or fabric coloration, the optimal result we can obtain will be discussed before beginning the cleaning process. For generations, discriminating New Yorkers have turned to Cameo by Copeland Cleaners for the finest in dry cleaning, restoration, alterations, and clothing repairs among many other wardrobe and home services. We take the utmost pride in our table linen cleaning services to ensure that yours retain their pristine appearance from one memorable event to the next, year after year.

Learn more by contacting the experts at Cameo by Copeland Cleaners today!