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Prepare the Perfect Table

Nothing is better than sitting around a dinner table with everything laid out perfectly. Forks to the left, spoons and knifes to the right, and salad or soup bowl on top of the dinner plate (depending on the setting). Cups stay on the upper right and the butter spreader and bread/butter plate go on the upper left. These are the common layouts for a perfect dinner table. However, one thing that changes position is the napkin. If it’s a family dinner, napkins are placed on top of the dinner plate. If it’s a formal dinner, the napkin should be on the far left and easily accessible for those who want to use it.

While we are on the topic of napkins, it is important to note that napkins and tablecloths are the most important aspects of any dinner table. The reasons for this are numerous.

Tablecloths set the tone of your table. The color and design of your tablecloth should help bring life to the table and should aid in making your table look presentable. In terms of functionality, a tablecloth prevents accidental spills while taking food from a plate from getting to your table.

Napkins are a trust. Guests trust that your napkins are 100% clean and usable. If your napkin is clean but wrinkly, that trust is broken no matter what you say. You need to ensure that napkins are not only cleaned, but pressed and nicely folded to gain the trust of your guests.

Throwing your napkins and tablecloths to the washer and expecting magic to happen just doesn’t cut it. When guests see a wrinkly napkin or a dirty tablecloth, their perception of who you are changes negatively. Don’t try to use cheap tactics like buying red napkins to hide red wine stains and or covering wrinkly tablecloths with a large dinner plates to avoid guests from noticing. Put the effort to ensure a quality, perfect dinner table.

Take your napkins and tablecloths to a professional dry cleaner that has years of experience in ensuring clean, and freshly pressed napkins as well as crisp tablecloths.

Call or visit Arthur Copeland and we’ll make sure that your dinner table is the perfect table.