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New Year Styles to Look Out For

Going out on New Years Eve? Going to the ball-drop in Times Square? You’re going to need to dress up for the occasion! New Years is the only day where the occasion doesn’t determine what you have to wear. Every holiday has its own theme and colors but on New Years, you can dress whatever you want! With so many options, its natural to be stuck on what to wear. Here are a few New Year styles you should look out for:

  1. Your simple one-tone color dress with jewelry: Whatever color your dress is, if you match it up with a little gold and silver jewelry, you’ll make that dress look like new!
  2. Your textile-printed dress with tights: If you color coordinate properly, you can totally rock this look. Especially if the color of your shoes matches the color of your dress.
  3. Match your pants with your heels: This trick isn’t known to many, but by matching the color and design of your pants to your heels, you’ll make your legs look longer and you’ll look good too!
  4. Add some sparkle: If you’re going to the ball-drop, try wearing a sparkly shirt or dress. While you wait for the ball to drop, the flashy lights of Times Square will instantly make you stand out as all the lights will reflect off of you.
  5. Add some tights that will get you noticed: Don’t want to spend money on a new dress? No problem! Wear any bright colored tights such as red, turquoise, green, fuchsia, etc with your dress and you’ll stand out from the crowd instantly.

Remember, whether you’re just going out to a simple party or will be standing out along with the millions of people in Times Square for the ball-drop, you’ll need to keep in mind that after the fun is over, you’ll need to get your outfits cleaned. Your outfit might get stained from the dinner you had or it might be filled with sweat from all the dancing at the party. And let’s not even talk about how your outfit will look after standing among millions of people. You don’t know who you were next to! To be safe, it is best to get your outfit cleaned at a professional dry cleaner like Arthur Copeland to make sure your outfit will be nice, clean, and fresh.