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High Spring Pollen Counts Mean Cleaning the Bedding

All spring long it has seemed like the little red line indicating a high pollen count has been a part of the nightly news. Even in the city, everything seems to coated with a fine layer of sparkly golden pollen.

Unfortunately, that pollen gets on everything, setting off allergies and giving everyone the sniffles. While it’s easy to wash off the car and window sills, pollen in your house can be harder to get rid of, lodging in places that might not get washed as often.

One of the places where pollen can be the most damaging to your health is in your bedding. Most of us just assume when we lie down for the night that our sheets and blankets are clean and keeping us warm. But when there’s a bad allergy season, our blankets can be harboring pollens that leave your feeling stuffy and sniffling when you wake up.

Nobody has time to spend their summer mornings waiting for red eyes and runny noses to clear up. Pollen granules can be washed away with a good laundering, but who has time to stuff the duvet in the washer. And the washing machine might not be the best option for premium fabrics with vibrant dyes.

Avoid fading your bedding and morning allergy attacks by getting your bedding freshened up for the summer. Contact us to drop off your linens and have them cleaned and pressed, ready to go back on your bed for a good night’s sleep or ready to impress your visiting mother-in-law.

Whatever your summer holds, we can help make sure it’s not pollen induced allergy attacks.