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Green Christmas Shopping

Christmas is all about giving, spending time with family, and spreading cheer. Let’s try incorporating sustainability in your Christmas list this year!

Buy Less

Holiday gifts can provide a practical need, the need to buy something new every year. But keep in mind that although many new gifts are generally gestures of kindness or thoughtfulness, you can still give more while spending less money this year.

Sustainable giving

Not all gifts need to be store-bought, although it may be a habit to buy a brand new gift at your local department store or online, there are many ways that you can give a thoughtful gift this Christmas without going to the store. Consider a DIY gift, or maybe something special to you that you think might be special to someone else. There are so many options to choose from that are just as thoughtful as a store-bought gift.

Shorten your list, to simplify your gift-giving

Many people get stressed this time of year, with the long lists of gifts for each person during the ‘gift-go-around’ season. It is important, as said previously, to remember that gifts are a thoughtful gesture, not a shiny one. Consider this year doing a Secret Santa! This way you can shorten your list to just one person, not a dozen. This way you can just focus on one person and really make your gift special for them.

Care for your fabrics sustainably. 

When we get ready for Christmas, we usually think about what sweater we are going to wear, what table cloth we will use for dinner, and what type of stockings will be hung up. But what most do not consider is the importance of sustainability during the holidays. When we pull out our decorations, they may be dusty or have that storage odor. No one wants smelly décor, stained dresses, or anything to make the Holiday less than perfect. At Cameo by Copeland, we can save your traditions by renewing all of your favorite textiles. Using our environmentally non-toxic GreenEarth Cleaning system allows us to properly clean your Christmas items and clothing without any harsh chemicals. With our eco-friendly cleaning products and process, we can help you help the planet this Christmas.