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Fur Coat Cleaning – When to Clean Them

Fur coat cleaning is a service that professional dry cleaners offer to clean and preserve fur coats. It involves many steps, but the result is a fur coat that, if cleaned and preserved regularly, can last a lifetime. You’ll be surprised at how many people don’t recognize when their fur coats need cleaning. Here are some things to identify when determining if you need to take your fur coats to a professional dry cleaner or not:

  • Stains – Starting with the obvious, when you see a stain on your fur coat, it is clearly a sign that your furs are no longer clean and need to be taken care of. For any other type of clothing, if it was a small stain, trying to remove it yourself would be simple. For furs, however, the process is a lot more complex which should be left to the care of your trusted dry cleaner.
  • Odor – If you begin to smell something strange coming from your fur coat, it is likely to be due to mold or mildew. This is usually the result of improper storage. Furs need to breath and storing them in an already cramped closet will result in damage to your furs as well as odors.
  • Lack of Conditioning – This one is the least obvious to detect and some people may not be able to detect this well. The skin and hairs on your furs need to be conditioned to avoid irreparable damage. Similar to how your own hair and scalp need attention, the furs on your coat need similar attention – except it isn’t as easy and buying a conditioner or natural oils and apply it yourself. Conditioning should be left to the experts at your professional dry cleaners as it involves many steps that are too complicated for the average Joe to do on his own without proper machinery.

Take your fur coats to a professional dry cleaner for all your fur coat cleaning needs.