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Fall in Love With Your Clothes This Valentine’s Day

Fall in love with your favorite clothes all over again this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it would be great to show the love…

You may spend the evening at home, or at your favorite restaurant, either way you’ll want to look your best.  A nice new outfit might be the order of the say – but you don’t have to do that…

Do you remember what you wore on that first date with your partner? It must bring back some happy memories.  Do you still have it?  If so, show it some love – Bring it back to life with a mild, gentle and effective clean.

For dry cleaning, we use GreenEarth Cleaning’s pure liquid silicone.  It lifts dirt and carries it away without damaging the fabric.  It slides through the fibers and takes the dirt with it.  It cleans garments gently, which keeps them looking like they did the day you bought them.

From cotton to cashmere; leather to silk… we can handle it all.  Plus, if you need an alteration or a repair, we can handle that too.

Either give us a call or visit our nearest store.  We’d L O V E to hear from you!