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How to Care for Your Shearling jackets

Shearling jackets are one of the greatest investment you can ever purchase. They are very durable, fashionable, and functional as well. Such an investment needs to be properly cared for to ensure its lifelong durability. If you mistreat or clean your shearling jacket, you’ll ruin the insulation ability that the shearling wool inside the jacket provides.

We highly recommend you follow these tips to ensure that your shearling jackets lasts a lifetime:

  1. Never put your shearling jacket in the washer or dryer. Majority of shearling jackets and coats need to be air or dry cleaned to preserve all its unique properties. We recommend Arthur Copeland for this.
  2. Do not allow dirt to settle deep into your shearling. You should try to clean any dirt or stains as soon as you notice them. Contact Arthur Copeland for more details.
  3.  Avoid high heat or open flame places such as a fireplace as this can damage the shearling and leather materials of your jacket.
  4. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause your shearling jacket to bleach out over time. Try to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight when outside and avoid hanging your jacket in an area that receives plenty of direct sunlight.
  5. When storing for long periods of time, its best to avoid plastic bags that do not allow the material of your jacket to breathe. The best bags are breathable ones like a cloth garment bag. Arthur Copeland can advise you on the best storing solutions.
  6. When hanging your shearing jacket, make sure that you use hangers that are wide and padded to preserve the shape and your jacket and avoid wrinkles. It should be hanged in an environment that allows it to be hanged naturally and have some space. Hanging it with other clothes all tightly together can cause damage to your jacket in the long term.


Arthur Copeland is the best dry cleaners to handle all your shearling jacket needs. Call or visit us today.